Introducing: Ready Readers!

Ready, Set, Read!

Transform your favorite MOSCOT frame into Ready Readers! Ready Readers or “Ready-Made Reading Glasses” provide support for those needing close-range vision correction, without the need for a prescription.

Fourth Generation and Doctor of Optometry, Dr. Harvey Moscot, says: “We all fear what happens to most of us after 40 years old when reading up close gets more difficult and our arms get too short...the normal aging process of presbyopia sets in.

As eyes get older, the lenses gradually lose the ability to flex, making focusing on close objects more difficult. This is a natural sign of aging, and although it cannot be prevented, correction can be found with the use of MOSCOT Ready Readers. Ready Readers contain 2 single vision lenses with the same positive spherical power (in other words, magnification) to relieve the symptoms of presbyopia.

MOSCOT Ready Readers offer vision correction for reading newsprint or books, fine print, or menus, as well as for engaging in hobbies that require attention to detail at a close range. Ready Readers are perfect for on-the-go. Make sure to schedule a regular eye exam to keep your eyes happy and healthy!

Make note! While Ready Readers provide support for close range vision, keep in mind that they do not provide extended relief for digital screens.

Lookin’ for some Digital Relief? Try our Digital Relief Clip-Ons, or even add Digital Relief to any lens prescription!

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