Introducing: DR CLIPs!

MOSCOT’s Digital Relief Clip-on lenses filter out blue light and help to eliminate glare. These Clip-ons can provide a better experience for anyone viewing a digital screen. The “DR” Stands for Digital Relief, by the way!

What is blue light?

As part of the visible light spectrum, high energy blue light comes from both the sun and artificial light sources, like digital screens.

Fourth generation and Doctor of Optometry, Dr. Harvey Moscot, says: “Over-exposure to this high energy blue light from computers and other digital devices can lead to symptoms such as eye-strain, headaches, and sleep disruption.”

The more time spent in front of digital devices, the more work the eye does to focus on the changing images from the flicker, contrast, and glare of the screen, which may result in eye strain. DR CLIPs work to eliminate the high energy blue light and glare to reduce this eye strain.

“About 80% of American adults report using digital devices for more than two hours per day with nearly 67% using two or more devices simultaneously, and 59% report experiencing symptoms of digital eye strain.” -The Vision Council

Instantly clip on protection for all multimedia devices with DR CLIPs!

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